February 20, 2018

Ottawa Psychologist Dr. Sheila Purcell

Ottawa Psychologist Dr. Sheila Purcell has been working with clients, in her private practice in Ottawa, for over twenty years. She specializes in two areas, which are Individual Counselling & Couples Counselling here in the Ottawa area.

Dr. Purcell believes the psychotherapeutic process as a chance to investigate thoughts, behaviors and feelings that can be relevant to life situations that are stressful. Helping people to feel more comfortable with themselves, and dealing with their environments more effectively have always been her objectives. Her approach is largely psychodynamic, recognizing emotions and motivations that people may not be aware of.

Dr. Purcell uses Experiential, Jungian, Systemic, and Cognitive Behavioral methods to enhance her essentially psychodynamic approach.

Dr. Purcell has several research publications on the functions of dreaming. She is also a trained and experienced teacher, having taught at primary, secondary and university levels.

She believes strongly in ongoing professional development. Dr. Purcell has always participated in workshops, courses, study groups, training programs, and professional, confidential consultations on individual cases.

If you are in need of an Ottawa Psychologist and are looking for Individual or Couples Counselling please call or e-mail Dr. Purcell to make an appointment.

You can reach Dr. Purcell at 613-562-1186 or e-mail her at dr.spurcell@gmail.com.


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